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Fonroche Street lighting

The rapid urban growth involves that IoT implementations are exploding in scale and services such as lighting, parking, waste management… make use of the LoRa® connectivity to optimize the use of utilities and save time and money.

LoRa® is a global radio technology for Internet of Things that enables long-range transmissions (more than 15 km LoS) with low power consumption even where networking using conventional mobile technologies is not possible.

For example, Fonroche Lighting incorporated IMST’s LoRaWAN® module iM880B into its smart street-lighting products and guarantees 365 nights per year operation thanks to a combination of:
• LoRa® remote management solution
• a solar panel that rapidly and efficiently captures the sun’s energy
• a battery that stores at maximum capacity
• a LED bloc that converts the stored energy to light

If you wish to know more, please visit the website of Fonroche.

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