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Development Services

Looking to connect your devices wirelessly to a smart network, but do not know where to start? We will be happy to assist you in every phase of the development process: From feasibility study to prototyping and certification or even all the way through to mass production.

With more than 30years succesful experience in RF design, IMST is the best partner for integrating the LoRa® technology into your solution. IMST is a design house with more than 150 engineers and deep knowledge of the low power IoT ecosystem. We can cover all aspects of your project including:


Review and Support

Review & Support

Our smart minded team from different areas works hand in hand to find the perfect solution for your product.

LoRa® and LoRaWAN®

LoRa® & LoRaWAN®

To ensure that LoRa® products meet the latest LoRa Alliance® standard technical requirements, we offer LoRa® certification through our in-house testing lab.



With our in-house measuring chambers, we are an independent service provider with the possibility to offer you a customized package.

Wireless M-Bus

Wireless M-Bus

We are happy to assist you with the RF verification of T2-Mode according to EN 13757-4.