Through years of further development of the M-Bus standard, which was made possible by the feedback of the users, the technology offers today many possibilities. Especially for the implementation of sensor applications in harsh environments such as smart metering, M-Bus offers the perfect conditions.

Wireless M-Bus Range Extender

The Wireless M-Bus Range Extender is a compact and cost-effective device that collects wireless M-Bus messages from utility meters and forwards them to a LoRaWAN® network.

This device acts as a bridge between wireless M-Bus and LoRa® and allows a flexible configuration of calendar events for WM-Bus reception intervals and status messages as well as device filtering by Manufacturer ID and Device ID (whitelist). The configuration can be managed Over-The-Air via LoRa® messages or via wired serial interface.

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The iM871A Wireless M-Bus module offers a cost-effective RF solution for smart metering applications connecting water, heat, electricity and gas meters with data concentrators in the 868 MHz frequency band. The module supports all major unidirectional and bidirectional wireless M-Bus modes (S1, S1-m, S2, T1, T2,R2, C1 and C2) in addition to all tolerance specifications. The iM871A is pre-qualified according to EN 300 220  and is fully compliant to the EN 13757-4 standard.
With its link budget of up to 120 dB when operating in R2 mode, the iM871A is especially addressing wireless communication requirements in challenging environments inside residential and commercial buildings. The module has an exceptionally small footprint (16.8 mm x 18.6 mm), comes equipped with a serial interface as well as analog and digital inputs and outputs to accommodate interfaces with a customer’s system. With its different ultra low power sleep modes (e.g. deep sleep < 50nA), the iM871A is well-suited for applications requiring long battery life.

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iM871A - USB

The iM871A-USB is a compact wireless M-Bus USB adapter based on the high performance wireless M-Bus module iM871A. The adapter offers a cost-effective RF solution for smart metering applications connecting water, heat, electricity and gas meters with standard equipment like Laptops, Tablets, etc. The iM871A-usb is qualified according to the RED 1999/5/EC and is fully compliant to the EN 13757-4 standard (S1, S1-m, S2, T1, T2,R2, C1 and C2). An adjusted output power of +14 dBm combined with the high sensitivity of the USB-Stick enables ranges up to 500m.

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PA - iM871A

The Wireless M-Bus Analyzer supports the monitoring and analyzing of Wireless M-Bus traffic according to EN 13757-4.
This tool provides an easy to use graphical user interface for rapid troubleshooting and maintenance of your Wireless M-Bus network. Long time packet capturing and packet visualization for many Wireless M-Bus configurations can be managed with only a few mouse clicks in combination with the PA-iM871A, a Wireless M-Bus USB adapter. The analyzer supports single radio and dual radio modes for monitoring of uplink and downlink channels with different physical settings in parallel. Decryption support enables to inspect also AES-128 bit encrypted packets. Flexible packet filtering and data visualization allows an easy and efficient way for troubleshooting and validation of complex wireless network configurations. With respect to the ETSI regulations a traffic monitor for duty cycle evaluation completes the list of supported features.

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SK - iM871A

The Starter Kit is a plug & play solution to explore the features and capabilities of the Wireless M-Bus radio module iM871A. The kit contains two demo boards and two radio modules soldered on specific adapter boards. The modules are pre-programmed with a Wireless M-Bus firmware.
The demo board is the basic platform of the Starter Kit and provides several functional units. These units include power supply, USB interface, and diverse input and output elements, such as push buttons, DIP switches, potentiometer, and LEDs. In addition all pads of the attached radio module can be accessed via pin connectors.

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