CLR-ED1. Remote monitoring and control of sensors and actuators

Based on the new LoRa technology, with the CLR-ED1 radio module it is possible to meet specific monitoring needs, allowing the detection of a multiplicity of parameters, for example environmental, energetic , traffic.

With the Colora CLR-Ed1 radio module from Coing, remote management of processes and products based on an innovative and efficient wireless architecture can be considered as an enabling tool for new applications and the implementation of intelligent automations to make a more efficient and effective process/product.

CLR-ER. Intelligent control and monitoring of energy elements

Based on the new LoRa technology, the CLR-ER radio module allows control and monitoring of energy-consuming elements. It becomes possible to monitor the absorbed energy for diagnostic purposes, activate an On / Off command to enable / disable the power supply, and possibly perform dimming (for example in the case of LED lamps).

CLR-ER has been designed and produced with a high degree of customization in order to allow easy adaptation to the requests of different applications.

AIOT-ILRA01 - Indoor LoRa® Gateway and Network Server

Industrial PC solution powered by Intel Quad Core ATOM 1,92GHz CPU, with  LoRa® radio functions performed by 868MHz solution, SPI 8 channels IMST concentrator iC880A (SX1301 processor).
This product is capable to run in the same box:
  • Network Server
  • Application Server
  • Gateway
  • Packet forwarder

Power 365 Street Lighting

Fonroche Lighting guarantees 365 nights per year operation of all its off-grid solar streetlight systems thanks to a combination of:
• LoRa remote management solution  
• a solar panel that rapidly and efficiently captures the sun’s energy
• a battery that stores at maximum capacity
• an LED bloc that converts the stored energy to light(iM880B)

Sense2Grow Celsius

With the Sense2Grow Celsius you have a wireless climate sensor that can accurately measure temperature and humidity. The Celsius is fitted with a solar cell with battery which makes recharging unnecessary. When you hang the Celsius in a dark room you can suffice with recharging the battery on an annual basis. For an even higher accuracy, the Celsius is fitted with a ventilator that can be operated remotely. You are guaranteed a reliable wireless communication, both in the greenhouse, buildings and industrial site as well as in the open field. (iM880B)

Sense2Grow Smoke

With the Sense2Grow Smoke you have a wireless smoke detector that can locate smoke sources quickly and accurately. The Smoke is fitted with a solar cell with battery which makes recharging unnecessary. When you hang the Smoke in a dark room you can suffice with recharging the battery on an annual basis. You are guaranteed a reliable wireless communication, both in the greenhouse, buildings and industrial site as well as in the open field. The status of the system and the sensor batteries are displayed on your dashboard.(iM880B)

Sense2Grow Wireless IO

With the Sense2Grow Wireless IO you have the possibility to monitor and read your business systems and sensors wireless. The WIO uses standard interfaces and together with the support of configurable software, the connection is established. The WIO communicates via LoRa RF technology. Therefore, you are guaranteed a reliable wireless communication, both in the greenhouse, buildings and industrial site as well as in the open field. (iM880B)

Urbana RFTN Module

Urbana RFTN Module is a Plug&Play control device for general lighting applications. The device incorporates the multifunctional control unit which is able to track power parameters and set operating values. This board is a plug-and-play solution for integrating any luminaire into Urbana IoT Platform. The device deploys LoRa™ radio technology for last mile communication. This innovative low-power and long-range technology is used by the local controller for communicating with Urbana Lamps. (iM880B)

Lorank 8 – LoRa Gateway

The Lorank 8 is the first affordable LoRa(tm) Gateway with professional specifications. With almost 50 DSP pipes on board it processes 8 LoRa transmissions simultaneously. This enables the connection with several tens of thousands end nodes around the gateway. And, with a sensitivity of -138 dBm and a maximum power of 500 mW you can easily reach the most distant nodes. (iC880A)
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NOX TXO v2 - wireless alarm.

The optical NOX TXO v2 wireless alarm is well-suited for the individual contactless safeguarding of pictures, paintings and other exhibits. The electricity supply is ensured through two internal batteries, which, depending on use, make possible year-long maintenance-free operation. Monitoring is done through the NOX central unit, which correspondingly transmits the requested alarms . The compact casing allows for discrete use of the NOX TXO on smaller exhibits. (iM880B)
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LoRa FlexGate™ FGWAT3L8-26465. Outdoor LoRa Gateway

The FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 is a multiservice outdoor LoRa Gateway part of the FlexGate™ product line. This product line has been designed to bring hardware and software flexibility to meet the IoT technical challenges.
Beyond LoRa support, FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-26465 offers a flexible Cloud and field connectivity within a unique platform ready to adapt to local configuration and facilitate deployment, maintenance, and installation. (iC880A)
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LoRa FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-14432. Industrial LoRa Gateway

The LoRa FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-14432 is an industrial Gateway based on Intel Atom processor designed for Industrial Internet of Thing applications. Offering a wide range of options, it is the ideal Gateway to match different use cases on the field including Edge and Fog computing. (iC880A)
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LoRa FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-12132. Development LoRa Gateway

The LoRa FlexGate™ FGWAT3LR-12132 is a development Gateway based on Intel Atom processor designed for Industrial Internet of Thing applications. Offering a wide range of options, it is the ideal Gateway to match different use cases on the field including Edge and Fog computing.(iC880A)
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Clickey Pro

Professional device equipped with 6 freely programmable I/O ports. It allows external systems or processes to be connected in order to read or control them remotely. (iM880B)
Clickey Pro

Clickey PIR

Wireless LoRa motion detector which automatically sends a motion detection alarm. (iM880B)
Clickey PIR

Clickey Desk sensor

Device for measuring occupation of flexible workplaces and meeting facilities. A convenient application within a smart building concept. (iM880B)
Clickey Desk sensor

Clickey Tempsens Pro

Professional device for recording the temperature of objects, machines, lines, areas and refrigerators. Including alarm function when temperature is outside the set ranges. Can be used for automatic temperature registration. (iM880B)
Clickey Tempsens Pro

Clickey GPS

Professional device for outdoor asset management. Including movement detection and track & trace via GPS. (iM880B)
Clickey GPS

inteliLIGHT® – smart + connected street lighting

inteliLIGHT® is a street lighting remote management solution that ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed. In-depth grid management gives an accurate real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, reduces energy loss and offers advanced maintenance optimization tools. Using the existing infrastructure, you save money and transform the existing distribution level network into an intelligent infrastructure of the future. (iM880B)

TRACe LoRaMQTT – Industrial LoRa Gateway

Kontron TRACe LoRa-MQTT is an EN50155 fanless solution ready platform offering LoRa™ local network and transforming messages to MQTT streams. The Kontron TRACe LoRa-MQTT embeds a LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) LoRa™ radio concentrator that can sustain 8 communication channels simultaneously and Ethernet connectivity from one of the 2x GbE front M12 X-Coded connector. (iC880A)

MCF-LW06420 - 4-20mA/0-10V to LoRaWAN™ interface

This interface has two 4-20mA and two 0-10V input channels. All these inputs are opto isolated and are useful to connect any kind of analog sensor and to forward measurements to the LoRaWAN™ platform. (iM880B)

MCF-LW12WAM - LoRaWAN™ ultrasonic 3D waste sensor

This device acquires the filling level of waste containers and ambient temperature, then sends collected data over the LoRaWAN™ network with a scheduled timing or by event
Unlike other waste sensors with single transducer, the sensor developed by mcf88 reads the actual filling level on the entire container’s area.
A fire alarm can be managed thanks to the temperature sensor.
This sensor can help to reduce amount of collections, which reflects in less fuel, less labor, less fleet management costs, reduced CO2 emissions and pollution, cleaner public spaces and avoiding trash cans overflow.(iM880B)

MCF-LW12TERWP - LoRaWAN™ outdoor environmental sensor

This IP67 battery powered sensor reads temperature, humidity and pressure and sends collected data over the LoRaWAN™ network. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as weather stations, urban monitoring, air quality, industrial, environmental or farming projects. (iM880B)

MCF-LW13MIO - LoRaWAN™ Multi I/O module

This device transmits the state of its 16 inputs and controls 8 outputs through the LoRaWAN™ network. All these inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. It can be used for industrial process control, home automation, water treatment, agriculture irrigation and similar applications. (iM880B)

MCF-LW13IO - LoRaWAN™ wireless actuator

This device can transmits the status of its input and control the output through the LoRaWAN™ network. Can be used for industrial process control and home automation, water treatment, agriculture irrigation and similar applications.(iM880B)

MCF-LW12TER - LoRaWAN™ indoor environmental sensor

This device reads temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, VOC and CO2 and sends collected data over the LoRaWan™ network. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as building automation, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, security, healthcare and many more use cases.(iM880B)


MCF-LWWS00 - LoRaWAN™ Weather Station

mcf88 integrates a LoRaWAN™ communication system in a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station. The station, rugged and flexible, is equipped with a wide range of sensors and it offers reliable weather data under the most demanding circumstances.(iM880B)


MCF-LW06VMC - LoRaWAN™ Vending Machine Supervisor

This device can remotely acquire the accounting data, as EVA-DTS file, from any vending machine. It can be connected by DDCMP or DEX interface, as well as printer port for other devices. This device can send alarms or triggered events to the cloud platform and manage price changes.(iM880B)


MCF-LW06485 - RS485 to LoRaWAN™ interface

This interface can be interfaced to any Modbus device to read and write any register of the connected device through the LoRaWAN™ platform. Configuration is simply made using a configuration file uploaded to the interface.(iM880B)


RWE SmartHome Power Control

The RWE SmartHome Power Control system of the RWE Effizienz GmbH is a Solution of IMST. In conjunction with the SmartHome central control unit, RWE SmartHome Power Control allows the straightforward reading of meter data from an electronic household meter (EDL21). The system consists of the customer specific designed infrared reader iM871A-ir and the IMST's wireless M-Bus USB stick iM871A-usb. Main component of both devices is the radio module iM871A from IMST. The magnetically adhering reading unit has an infrared interface for reading the current power and energy of the electronic household meter. Communication between iM871A-ir and iM871A-usb is done via Wireless M-Bus radio protocol.

SmartHome Power Control

DOM Protector® Online

IMST has developed the online version of the electronic knob cylinder DOM Protector® made by DOM Sicherheitstechnik. An intelligent wireless interface connects the cylinder to a switch box near the door. The locking system can be monitored and programmed online using the on-site Ethernet network infrastructure. The space-saving design of the wireless electronic system and its battery allow to integrate easily into the knob cylinder. The technology makes very efficient use of the battery to keep power consumption low.

DOM Protector®

Board Computer for Ski BindingsBoard Computer for Ski Bindings

Every year ski accidents produce severe injuries. In many cases the injuries are caused by ski bindings that are poorly fastened, incorrectly adjusted, or badly maintained. IMST worked with ATOMIC and ThermIC to develop a wireless electronic binding management system. This technology, which won the ISPO award in the binding category, consists of two microprocessor-controlled electronic systems in the front and rear of the binding mechanism. The system uses sensors to constantly monitor the binding status and exchange the data via a license-free ISM radio link. The status of the binding is visible on an LC display at the front binding. This challenging application required integrating a wireless system into a ski binding, using low power consumption, and developing a system rugged enough to work in difficult environmental conditions.


IMST helped develop the HANDYLINK, the innovative door intercom system. If you are not at home when door bell rings, your mobile phone will alert you and, thanks to the integrated GSM module, allow you to speak with the visitor. The HANDYLINK system also lets you use your mobile phone as a remote control for specific devices in your house.