RWE SmartHome Power Control

SmartHome Power ControlThe RWE SmartHome Power Control system of the RWE Effizienz GmbH is a Solution of IMST. In conjunction with the SmartHome central control unit, RWE SmartHome Power Control allows the straightforward reading of meter data from an electronic household meter (EDL21).

The system consists of the customer specific designed infrared reader iM871A-ir and the IMST's wireless M-Bus USB stick iM871A-usb. Main component of both devices is the radio module iM871A from IMST.

The magnetically adhering reading unit has an infrared interface for reading the current power and energy of the electronic household meter. Communication between iM871A-ir and iM871A-usb is done via Wireless M-Bus radio protocol.

DOM Protector® Online

DOM Protector®

IMST has developed the online version of the electronic knob cylinder DOM Protector® made by DOM Sicherheitstechnik. An intelligent wireless interface connects the cylinder to a switch box near the door. The locking system can be monitored and programmed online using the on-site Ethernet network infrastructure. The space-saving design of the wireless electronic system and its battery allow to integrate easily into the knob cylinder. The technology makes very efficient use of the battery to keep power consumption low.


Board Computer for Ski BindingsBoard Computer for Ski Bindings

Every year ski accidents produce severe injuries. In many cases the injuries are caused by ski bindings that are poorly fastened, incorrectly adjusted, or badly maintained. IMST worked with ATOMIC and ThermIC to develop a wireless electronic binding management system.
This technology, which won the ISPO award in the binding category, consists of two microprocessor-controlled electronic systems in the front and rear of the binding mechanism. The system uses sensors to constantly monitor the binding status and exchange the data via a license-free ISM radio link. The status of the binding is visible on an LC display at the front binding. This challenging application required integrating a wireless system into a ski binding, using low power consumption, and developing a system rugged enough to work in difficult environmental conditions.


Ritto HANDYLINKIMST helped develop the HANDYLINK, the innovative door intercom system. If you are not at home when door bell rings, your mobile phone will alert you and, thanks to the integrated GSM module, allow you to speak with the visitor. The HANDYLINK system also lets you use your mobile phone as a remote control for specific devices in your house.