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LoRa Long Range Radio Lorawan Alliance Certified

1 x LoRa® Lite Gateway (iC880A)
1 x Demo-Board + iM880B
1 x Mote II (iM881A)
1 x WSA01 Arduino Shield
3 x 868MHz Antennas
1 x Power Plug Adapter
2 x USB Cables
1 x Programming Adapter 
1 x CD / USB Stick

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IoT DevKit for LoRa®

With the IoT DevKit for LoRa® you can easily build up your own end to end LoRaWAN® application. The following picture shows the message flow of LoRaWAN® packets. The packets generated by a LoRaWAN® End Device are received by the Lite Gateway, and are forwarded to the Loriot LoRaWAN network server. You can also choose other LoRaWAN® network server like TTN. From there the information is sent to the myDevices / Cayenne server, where the user can control his IoT application. The free of charge Loriot account does not allow downlink messages. Please contact Loriot for further details. 




 Screenshot of the Cayenne web front end.

The kit contains a Lite Gateway, a Mote II, a iM880B on a Demo Board and an Arduino Shield. With those units you can easily setup your own LoRaWAN network.

  • IoT- and M2M-applications
  • Sensors

For technical data please refer to the information given for each single unit.


WiMOD LoRaWAN EndNode Studio

The WiMOD LoRaWAN® EndNode Studio is a Windows application which allows to explore the capabilities of the WiMOD LoRaWAN® EndNode firmware. The GUI offers a comfortable way to configure and control the features of the embedded radio stack.

Sending LoRaWAN messages from Loriot to myDevices using a LGW and SK-iM880B

Sending LoRaWAN messages from Loriot to myDevices using a LGW and a Mote II

Registering a LoRa® Lite Gateway (LGW) into The Things Network server in 5 min

Sending LoRaWAN messages from TTN to myDevices using a LGW and Arduino Shield WSA01

1. WiMOD LoRa® Shield for Arduino - Introduction

2. WiMOD LoRa® Shield for Arduino - Join the network ABP

3. WiMOD LoRa® Shield for Arduino - Join the network OTA


Module Configuration

Join the Network

LoRaWAN® HCI (Host Controller Interface)

General Information:
IoT_DevKit_for_LoRa_QuickStartGuide_V1_0.pdf Aim of this document is to give some quick start instructions how to start working with the
WiMOD IoT DevKit for LoRa® .
    For further downloads please visit the web-sides of each single unit