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LoRaWAN Live Event 2024

On 19 and 20 June, IMST team is joining the only LoRaWAN® Live event of 2024.

This exciting event brings together industry leaders, technology innovators, and IoT enthusiasts for a two-day of insightful discussions, networking, and hands-on demonstrations.

Be sure to visit IMST`s marketplace for an opportunity to see our latest products including USB Sticks, smart metering solutions, embedded end-nodes, development and certification services, including the LoRaWAN® testing.

Since the first LoRaWAN specification was released in January 2015, IMST has been successfully developing and supporting customer all over the world to deploy innovative LoRaWAN® solutions in a huge variety of applications – providing not only reliable radio modules but also a wide range of design services to ensure that the resulting device meets specifications, regulatory requirements, and user expectations.


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Be a part of the only LoRaWAN Live event of 2024 and don’t miss the LCTT Live demo hosted by IMST!