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PA-871_square_transpWith more than 30 years’ experience as a design house with focus on wireless communication, IMST has been also involved in the development of wireless technologies since the early stages.

One of the most successful examples is Wireless M-Bus. Designed to be a power efficient, robust, and suitable for long range wireless communication, Wireless M-Bus has been adopted by many Smart Metering suppliers.

To facilitate rapid troubleshooting and maintenance of your Wireless M-Bus network, IMST provides the so called Packet Analyzer PA-iM871A. This tool supports the monitoring and analysing or Wireless M-Bus traffic according to EN 13757-4 that specifies the communication between utility meters and data loggers, concentrators or smart meter gateways.

The graphical user interface allows long time packet capturing and packet visualization for many Wireless M-Bus configuration.

The analyzer supports single radio and dual radio modes for monitoring of uplink and downlink channels with different physical settings in parallel as well as several AES-128 decryption modes.

Technical Data

Packet Capturingconnect the PA-iM871A to your PC and start your monitor session
Single Radio Modeused for S1, S1m, S2, T1
Dual Radio Modesuitable for T2 and R2
Packet Visualizationpacket content is visualized in multiple ways
Packet Filterfocus on specific message types or network nodes for fast and easy analyzing
Message Parserdeep packet analysis including M-Bus application layer (EN 13757-3)
Traffic Monitorevaluate the Duty Cycle of single Wireless M-Bus nodes
AES Decryptiondecryption support for multiple AES-128 bit Keys
Operating SystemsMicrosoft Windows™ 7, 8, 10