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Simulation of Radio Wave Propagation

In-Building Radio Transmission

Reliable deployment of radio transmission systems inside of buildings is getting an increasingly complex task due to a large number of wireless services in use, including e.g. internet access, entertainment, metering and automation. The entire building shall be covered as required and interference between short range and cellular services shall be minimized – a highly complex task even for mid-sized buildings. Detailed knowledge of radio wave propagation in the building under consideration is indispensable for solving these problems.

IMST GmbH offers performing comprehensive analysis and modelling of radio transmission in your building using radio wave propagation simulations. The simulation includes the building, parts of the infrastructure, and considers installed radio systems including antennas and transmissions from the outside of the building as appropriate. The modelling approach largely obviates the need for time-consuming and costly measurements on-site. This allows for a systematic optimization instead of random transmitter positioning.


•  Walls, windows and doors are considered
•  Extensible to include further objects like large furniture elements
•  Antenna properties are considered
•  Modelling for various frequency bands, e.g. ISM band and cellular
•  Computation of received power, e.g. for investigation of coverage of interference
•  Consideration of multipath propagation, transmission, attenuation, reflexion and diffraction