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The Mote II is a demonstration platform intended to be used in a variety of applications. It is fitted with the low power, bidirectional radio module iM881A, sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, temperature and a GPS module. iM881A was specially designed for battery driven LoRa® applications. It supports LoRaWAN® operation modes and offers an excellent RF performance combined with low current consumption.

Mote II passed the Orange device interoperability test. This test validates the performance of the Mote II in the Orange public LoRaWAN® network environment.

Frequency rangeSRD Band 863 to 870 MHz
ModulationLoRa® Spread-Spectrum
RF output powerup to +14 dBm (50Ω pad)
Total isotropic sensitivity (TIS)-123 dBm (TIS – SF7 – BW125kHz)
-120 dBm (TIS – SF7 – BW250kHz)
-130 dBm (TIS – SF10 – BW125kHz)
-136 dBm (TIS – SF12 – BW125kH)
RF (LoRa®)
IO’sDigital IOs
Analog Inputs
Dimension (LxWxH)151 x 80 x 50 mm
Operating temperature-30°C to +65°C
International protection markingIP65 housing
Sensors3D acceleration, temperature, pressure, GPS receiver
CertificationLoRaWAN® certified product, Conformity according to EC

Sending LoRaWAN® messages from Loriot to myDevices using a LGW and a Mote II


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