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The iM891A-XL Wireless M-Bus module offers a cost-effective RF solution for smart metering applications in the 868 MHz frequency band. It supports all major unidirectional and bidirectional wireless M-Bus modes (S, C, T and combined C/T) with packet formats A and B as well as the OMS security modes 5 and 7.

With an integrated +22 dBm power amplifier and a sensitivity of -149 dBm, a sensational link budget of 170 dB can be reached. This makes the iM891A-XL an ideal solution for smart metering applications connecting water, heat, electricity and gas meters with data concentrators.

The module has an exceptionally small footprint (16.8 mm x 18.6 mm), comes equipped with a serial interface as well as analog/digital inputs and outputs to accommodate interfaces with a customer’s system. 


It is also available without u.fl connector.

Wireless M-Bus Gateway stack:

The Wireless M-Bus Gateway firmware has been design to allow remote monitoring and management of utility meters without the need for physical access to each individual meter.

The firmware collects data from the wireless M-Bus devices and for further processing and analysis in the corresponding central management system or database. It also provides additional functionalities such as data decryption (Mode 5 and 7), protocol conversion, and integration with other smart systems or IoT platforms.

Frequency rangeISM Band 868 MHz / 915 MHz
ModulationLoRa® Spread-Spectrum / wM-Bus
RF output powerup to +21 dBm (50Ω pad)
Receiver sensitivity-149 dBm
RF datarate0.24 to 37.5 kbps LoRa® modulation
250kbps FSK-modulation
RF rangeup to 15000 m (line of sight)
Operating voltage1.8 V to 3.6 V
Current consumption< 1.4 μA (module in sleep, RTC running)
7.2 mA (Rx)
48 mA (Tx @ 3.3 V/ +14 dBm)
RF (LoRa®)
IOsDigital IOs
Analog Inputs
Dimension (LxW)16.8 x 18.6 mm
Operating temperature-40°C to +85°C