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The iC280A concentrator module enables high-performance LoRa® gateway solutions or retrofit existing routers with 2.4 GHz LoRa® gateway capabilities. In mini PCIe form factor based on Semtechs sx1280 chipset, this radio concentrator allows robust communication between a LoRa® gateway and a huge amount of LoRa® end-nodes spread over a wide range of distance.

The iC280A is able to receive up to 3+1 LoRa® packets simultaneously sent with different spreading factors and also on different channels. This unique capability allows to implement innovative worldwide network architectures advantageous over other short range systems.

The concentrator can be integrated into any embedded platform with a free mini-PCIe slot and capable of providing enough power, as a complete RF front end. In combination with an embedded Linux board and the HAL software from Github a complete gateway can be set up easily.

Software Driver

All available software, firmware and documentation can be found and downloaded from the open source project LoRa-net provided by Semtech® on Github.

Application Areas

  • Smart Metering
  • Home-, Building-, Industrial automation
  • Remote Control
  • Tracking
Frequency Band2.4 GHz
Sensitivitydown to -134 dBm
Semtech® Chip3 +1 sx1280
RF Output power (max.)+12 dBm
Operating Voltage1.8 to 3.6 V
Dimensions30 x 50.9 x 3.5 mm
InterfacesUSB, GPIOs, I2C
Features3+1 parallel LoRa® demodulation paths
1 (G)FSK demodulator
Orthogonal spreading factors
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
SensorIntegrated temperature sensor