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Wireless Solutions provides a huge variety of radio modules and solutions. WiMOD covers a wide range of radio modules. We offer a starter kit for every module with a technology specific, comfortable GUI and easy to use installation package. This makes it easy for our customers to evaluate new technologies and proof the performance of our products. Based on our modules we also offer USB Adapter and Gateways. This modular concept allows our customers to develop their own systems very fast, easy and cost efficient.

Radio Modules

is a product line of IMST which covers a wide range of radio modules for license-free ISM frequency bands on 169/433/868MHz and 2.4 GHz with proprietary software or standardized technologies like ZigBee, Wireless M-Bus or LoRa®.

Evaluation Tools

The Starter Kit is a plug & play solution to explore the features and capabilities of the WiMOD radio modules. The kit contains two demo boards and two radio modules soldered on specific adapter boards. The modules are pre-programmed with a demo application to evaluate wireless connectivity.

Smart Metering

is the chosen standard for applications in the “Smart Metering” market.  IMST offers a wide range of hardware and software products in this strategic business segment. You find modules and USB sticks for metering applications as well as analyzing tools to create your own Wireless M-Bus solution.

Gateways & USB Devices

A set of modular components for fast, flexible and cost-efficient realization of wireless communication solutions are the baseline for different gateways.
Wireless Solutions dispose of a rich variety of radio modules, wired interfaces and software libraries to provide a basis for the realization of innovative gateway solutions.

Long Range Radio

TheLoRa™technology of Semtech Corporation provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption. The module provides the configuration of six orthogonal spreading sequences, three different signal bandwidth options and four error correction schemes and therefore enables the user to choose the perfect balance between range, interference robustness and data rate for multiple wireless applications.