iM880B-L successfully passed the LoRa® Alliance Certification

IMST proudly announces that the new LoRa module iM880B-L with LoRaWAN firmware has successfully passed the LoRa® Alliance Certification tests for both modes Over the Air Activation and Activation by PersonalisationiM880B-L is the first certified LoRa® module with a maximum output power of 19 dBm.

The iM880B-L is a compact and low-cost radio module that operates in the unlicensed 868 MHz band and combines a powerful Cortex-M3 controller with the LoRa® transceiver of Semtech Corporation.

Using iM880B-L provides the following advantages for the customer:

  • Achieving very high ranges up to 15 km
  • Scalability from low power operation to ultra long ranges
  • Easy and comfortable configuration with the WiMOD_LoRaWAN_EndNode_Studio
  • Possibility to realize own applications on the module controller with the WiMOD_LoRaWAN_EndNode_Library
  • Flexibility through IMST’s customization support
  • Availability of IMST’s integration, antenna design and certification service

The iM880B-L will be available very soon. The complete set of documents and tools is available at

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