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Enegry Usage
iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit

Are you looking for a device to monitor your energy, water or gas consumption in real time and transfer the data securely to the cloud? Then the iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit is just the thing for you!

Thanks to LoRa® technology with long range and low power consumption, the optical reading unit, compatible with IEC62056-21 and SML messages, enables efficient and reliable energy management.

The digitalisation of metering data and the IoT platforms from Rock5 oder Zenner enable the processing of energy data and interactive visualisation.

All these advantages lead to far more comprehensive and detailed feedback on energy consumption and enable a significant reduction in operating costs.

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Key Features

  • EU868 LoRaWAN® compliant
  • LoRaWAN® Activation: ABP and OTA
  • Dual colored status LED, push button
  • Flexible configuration via PC-tool
  • Optional direct mode (infrared to local USB interface)
  • Ultra low power for long battery life
  • LoRa® modulation with range of up to 10 km (LoS1)
  • Cloud based readout of supported meters
  • Online visualization of power consumption
  • Calendar function for time dependent settings
  • Easy to use local USB interface of iO881A
  • 2m antenna cable for max. flexibility in difficult RF environment