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WM-Bus Range Extender LoRaWAN Certified
WM-Bus Range Extender LoRaWAN Certified

Are you looking to improve your customer service while saving time and resources?

We have the perfect solution for you: our innovative Wireless M-Bus Range Extender. No more time-consuming on-site visits to read out consumption data. We make easy for you to comply with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and make energy, heat or water consumption accessible to your customers.

With our Wireless M-Bus Range Extender, you can efficiently manage wireless M-Bus- sensors and meters remotely, even if they are installed in inaccessible locations – all for the benefit of your valued customers.

Even better: thanks to our advanced device, you can read consumption data remotely at the lowest possible operating costs.

Smart Metering deployment is increasingly gaining momentum across Europe. These smart meters transmit the measurement data to the network operator using a communication module. The Wireless M-Bus standard, which makes a transmission distance of up to 100 m in typical application scenarios, is often used to this end.

But what to do with difficult conditions such as concrete walls or inaccessible installations? No worries! LoRaWAN® devices such as our Wireless M-Bus Range Extender can extend the coverage of existing networks thanks to their long range, low power consumption and excellent building penetration.

The digitization of metering data together with IoT platforms like Rock5 or Zenner allow easy processing and interactive visualisation of energy data.

In this way, you can offer your customers monitoring services and also make them individual offers based on their energy consumption.

Key Features

  • IP68 waterproof housing with pressure compensation membrane
  • Compatible with OMS
  • Secure data transmission
  • Long distance with LoRa®
  • 32 calendar events and 32 WM-Bus device filters freely configurable
  • Ultra-low power consumption for long battery life (>10 years)
  • Intelligent packet duplicate filter
  • WM-Bus S- and combined C/T-Mode
  • WM-Bus Telegram format: A und B
  • EU868 LoRaWAN®
  • Battery: 19 Ah