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10 years may not sound like a long time, but in an industry like wireless telecommunications it’s a lifetime. In 2013, for example, the roll-out of 4G LTE networks kicked off, and IoT applications were developed with solutions limited by their range or power consumption.

In this context, IMST bet on a promising technology that faced challenges related to connectivity, scalability, and power efficiency while connecting millions of devices and revolutionizing industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, smart metering and smart cities: LoRa®.

At Innosecure 2013 trade fair IMST presented the world’s first LoRa® module (iM880A) that solved the traditional design compromise between range, interference immunity and power consumption. The module was the result of a close collaboration with Semtech Corp. and provided the first fast and cost-effective solution to integrate LoRa technology into new or existing products.

What came next is well known: the creation of the LoRa Alliance® to promote the LoRaWAN® standard, the first multi-channel concentrator, 2.4 GHz LoRa® solutions, etc.


What is the future of LoRa/LoRaWAN®?

New features like LR-FHSS, FUOTA, LoRa satellite communications or Relay leave LoRa® well-positioned to be a significant player in the future of IoT.
Don’t miss out the opportunity to be at the forefront of IoT innovation and stay tuned with us to find out what LoRa® technology will bring in the next 10 years.