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The roll out of smart meters in Europe in the next few years increases the wireless M-Bus traffic and thus the need for a possibility to analyze the wireless M-Bus communication. The wireless M-Bus Analyzer of IMST GmbH is a tool for monitoring and analysis of wireless M-Bus communication according to EN 13757-4.

The easy-to-use GUI in combination with the plug-n-play wireless M-Bus USB Adapter PA-iM871A allows rapid analysis and maintenance of a wireless M-Bus network.
The analyzer supports single and dual radio modes for parallel monitoring of uplink and downlink channels with different physical settings.

Long-time packet capturing, flexible packet filtering, data visualization and a message parser for deep packet analysis allow a simple and efficient way of debugging and validation of complex wireless M-Bus network configurations. AES-128 bit encrypted packets can be analyzed with integrated decryption algorithms. A traffic monitor for monitoring the duty cycle completes the list of supported.

Studio PA-iM871A

Features of PA-iM871A

Long-time packet capturing

Radio modes: S1, S1m, S2, T1, T2, R2

Packet content visualization in multiple ways

Packet filter for specific message types or network nodes for fast and easy analysis

Message parser for deep packet analysis including M-Bus application layer

Traffic monitor for evaluation of the duty cycle of single nodes

AES decryption support for multiple AES-128 keys