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New Firmware iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit

IMST is pleased to announce the availability of a new firmware release for iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit.

The iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit provides real-time data monitoring of energy consumption and secure connectivity to a LoRaWAN® network. It is compatible with most modern smart meters (compliant with IEC62056-21 and SML messages). The optical unit can be attached magnetically to the smart meter to read out the infrared interface and extract the desired values.

The external antenna provides a maximum flexibility during installation in difficult RF environments. The user-friendly configuration tool offers an easy way to change the radio, calendar and filter settings.

New Firmware iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit

Key highlights of this release are:

LoRaWAN® Stack updated to v1.0.4

Meter Protocol IEC Mode C added

Automatic Meter Protocol Detection improved

Configurable option for “HCI always on” removed

For customers using the iOKE868 Smart Metering Kit, we would recommend to update this firmware with the WS-Configurator (configuration tool).