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wM-Bus Range Extender Firmware Update

The Wireless M-Bus Range Extender significantly extends the range of existing meter infrastructures, by collecting and filtering wireless M-Bus messages and forwarding them to a LoRaWAN® network. This latest update expands on its core feature set, bringing more configuration options (even over the air configuration) and featuring a new UI to make your desktop experience more comfortable.

wM-Bus Range Extender Firmware Update

New configurable options and features:

Support for Over the Air Configuration  (see Remote Access Protocol)

LoRaWAN® Stack upgraded to v1.0.4

Duplicate WM-Bus packet filter with „filter by header only“ and „filter by complete packet“ option

Configurable LoRaWAN® parameters

Configurable LED signaling (on/off) for power reduction

Battery level information added to Status Message

RSSI values for Wireless M-Bus packets

By using LoRa®, cost-effective solutions can be provided. The LoRa® modulation is a perfect mean to increase the coverage of existing networks thanks to its Long Range and Low Power capabilities. A typical use case for IMST’s Range Extender is to collect wMBus messages from several utility meters and forward those over long distances into a LoRaWAN® network.

It allows a flexible configuration of calendar events for wM-Bus reception windows as well as device filtering by Manufacturer/Device ID. It includes a long life battery which ensures in combination with the new ultra-low power radio module iM881A-XL a life time of up to 10 years and more.

All data gathered can be stored in the cloud for remote analysis and processing. In this way the utility cost can be easily collected, time and effort for billing can be reduced, and energy efficiency can be optimized.


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