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Move Solutions Network

Move Solutions Network

Engineers and architects design structures to resist a wide variety of forces. However, no building system can be constructed to be absolutely risk-free: each structure inevitably meets stress, deterioration and aging.

Therefore, preventing failures of buildings requires, among others, an effective construction supervision system. With this in mind, Move SRL developed a smart IoT network using full wireless, battery powered, LoRaWAN devices, called deck, to measure some structure parameters (dynamic displacement, static deformation, inclination, crack opening and closing, etc).

When an attention threshold is exceeded, the sensors transmit the data to a LoRa Gateway based on IMST’s iC880A concentrator. These LoRaWAN® Gateways installed in the area for network coverage forward the data via 4G cellular connection to the network server.

All this data can be viewed and deep analyzed remotely 24 hours a day on the Move platform.