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OrionM2M LoRaWAN Gateway

The largest LoRaWAN® network in Central Asia running thanks to IMST’s LoRa® solutions!

Thanks to disruptive technologies like LoRa® with its long range transmissions and low power consumptions, applications for smart cities leverage LoRa® Technology to eliminate human error in data collection, optimize the resources and manage infrastructures remotely and efficiently.

With this premise always at the fore of their thinking, Orion System LLC (OrionM2M) began to develop smart LoRaWAN® solutions to monitor water, gas and electricity usage data, as well as smart lighting solutions. As a result of the collaboration with Astel JSC, one of leading telco in Kazakhstan, a LoRaWAN® network with more than 1.000 gateways was deployed in 18 cities in Kazakhstan. These outdoor gateways based on the iC880A multichannel concentrator, support the extreme temperature conditions of Kazakhstan.

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OrionM2M LoRaWAN Gateway

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