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Join thousands of professionals at this 24-hour online event. Engage with the best IoT industry experts and get access to premium workshops at the click of a button. Do not miss the chance to join our webinar about LoRaWAN® certification.

Have you finished the development of your LoRa® device and want to get it LoRaWAN® certified? Why should you certify your product? What kind of devices can be certified? Answers to all of these and many more questions will be clarified during our webinar at The Things Virtual Conference.

Additionally this webinar will be a hands-on session focused on the “LoRaWAN® Certified Test Tool (LCTT)” using the IMST Lite Gateway. This is a free precertification testing tool designed for use at a device manufacturer’s facility to pretest a design before shipping it for formal certification testing.

Do you want to connect your devices to a smart network, but do not know how to start?
Please contact us for technical support in every phase of the development process: From feasibility study to prototyping and certification or even all the way through to mass production.


We look forward to working with you!