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Arduino® was born as open-source platform to make developments more accessible to makers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating all kinds of electronics projects. That is why the integration with IMST’s radio modules results in a perfect match to learn about LoRa® technology.

Why WiMODino? The WiMODino is a powerful Ardunio® compatible board for fast prototyping and easy evaluation of the wireless modules of IMST. It supports different LoRa® protocol stacks like LoRaWAN® and LR Base (proprietary firmware for P2P and P2MP communication) and it is assembled with RED pre-certified modules. With respect to LoRaWAN®, the certified encapsulated stack on the radio module ensures your device to be LoRaWAN® compliant out of the box. Furthermore, its ease-of-use thanks to Arduino® IDE and the example codes available speeds up the Proof of Concept process.



Different LoRa® protocol stacks supported

Assembled with RED1 pre-certified LoRa® radio modules iM880B, iM282A or iM881A

Very fast prototyping on powerful Cortex® M0+

Arduino® Libraries for LoRaWAN®, LR Base, I²C, SPI, SD card, …

If you want to explore the limits of LoRa or create a Proof of Concept, WiMODino is what you need to turn your idea into reality!

Video tutorials