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AMM Berlin LoRa Alliance

IMST will be showcasing its range of LoRaWAN® products and services at the “Annual Members Meeting 2019” on June 13th in Berlin.

From hardware and software to development services, IMST offers a variety of solutions for wireless communications that significantly reduce both time-to-market and development costs and risks.
Actually IMST is able to offer a full range of development services like certification (RED, LoRa®, EMC…), antenna design, RF and HW design, and software development.

AMM Berlin LoRa Alliance

Furthermore, during the exhibition, one of our test chambers will be available to run part of the LoRaWAN® certification process on your device. Do not forget to bring it, accompanied with the respective keys! Join us to discover a cutting edge wireless technology suited for a huge range of applications from smart cities to industrial IoT and plenty of other verticals.

Here you can find additional information about the event.

We will be happy to welcome you at our booth!