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Lite Gateway

Take the control of your LoRaWAN® network, take the control of your Gateway!

With its versatile features and his external antenna, the Lite Gateway enables LoRa® customers to demonstrate and evaluate LoRaWAN® applications.
Moreover, it can be easily connected to existing servers (e.g. The Things Network, Loriot…) and configure it according to the desired paramenters.

The powerful Embedded Linux System integrated in our Lite Gateway makes possible to control the status of your application and develop your own proprietary LoRa® base wireless network to tweak the maximal performance ouf of the hardware.

Thanks to the well-known combination of Linux and Raspberry Pi you can install other software services next to the LoRa® related software and can extend the hardware with your own extensions.

And last but not least, the source code is provided by the open source Github project lora-net ( Within other utilities, you are able to record all the packets received in a log file.