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LoRaWAN Energy meter mcf88

LoRaWAN Energy meter mcf88

The “Internet of Things”, also known as IoT, refers to “smart objects” that receive and send data. These smart devices share information and offer more comfort, lower energy costs and more security in your home.

Based on our LoRa® module iM880B, enginko offers intelligent, effective and economical solutions based on LoRaWAN® technology that allow you to remotely manage through a simple App, all the parameters of our interest within the home (air parameters, consumption…).

An example is the recently presented MCF-LW12PLG. It can be used for monitoring the power consumption of the load, which can remotely be switched on/off. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery for mains outage detection and can be setup and upgrade via NFC with LoRa® Tool App.

This device is bringing comfort and convenience into SmartHomes.

Datasheet MCF-LW12PLG LoRaWAN® Energy Meter plug with On/Off: